Why You Should Insulate Your Garage Door

For most homeowners in Costa Mesa or Mission Viejo, the garage door is the biggest opening in their home. This means that it’s also the biggest source of heat and energy loss in the building. Even when your garage door is closed, it isn’t completely sealed off and therefore can allow temperature changes that can make your time in your home more uncomfortable and more expensive. One effective way to combat these negatives is to insulate your Irvine garage door. This garage door service has numerous benefits that can save you money and make your home more enjoyable for your family. Here are just a few reasons why Orange County homeowners insulate their garage doors:


The main reason that most Costa Mesa homeowners insulate their garage door is to improve their home’s energy efficiency. By insulating your garage door, you’ll experience much less heat loss during the winter and cool air loss during the summer. Helping your home maintain its internal temperature as best as you can will make your HVAC system run more efficiently and reduce your utility bills by up to hundreds of dollars per year. If you’re looking for small ways that you can use less energy and reduce your monthly costs, consider investing in garage door insulation from a specialist in garage door repair for Orange County.


Insulating your garage door also provides it with an additional layer of protection which will help it become more durable. Insulated garage doors are more resistant to denting and damage of all kinds, so you lessen your risk of needing garage door repair. Orange County residents also know that an insulated garage door better regulates temperature conditions, which will also result in the protection of your garage door springs, tracks, and other parts. This will lessen the need for routine garage door service and maintenance, thereby saving you money each year.


If you have early starts or late nights and you’re worried about disturbing your family, an insulated garage door is a great solution. Insulated doors make less noise than their non-insulated counterparts, since the insulation works to dampen vibrations as the door opens and closes. A closed insulated garage door will also let in less noise from outside than non-insulated doors, so even when the door is not in motion, it will provide more peace and quiet for the home’s residents. 


Insulated garage doors can prevent temperature fluctuations by up to 50 degrees! That means that the blistering Mission Viejo heat won’t cook your garage the same way it will if you have a non-insulated door option. By better regulating the temperature and preventing humidity from entering your home, an insulated garage door will protect your belongings such as your car. Extreme highs and lows in temperature can negatively affect your car’s paint, tire pressure, battery life, and more. By investing in an insulated garage door service, you can help protect yourself from avoidable car repair issues in the future and keep your belongings in their best shape.

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