Why is my garage door opening by itself?

When you have an automatic garage door, you can encounter a wide variety of problems. Luckily enough, some of these issues can be a simple fix with regular maintenance and troubleshooting. One of the more confusing issues garage doors can run into is when it opens and closes on its own with no assistance from the user. It can be a strange occurrence when its operating on its own, but it can also be a security risk if it does it while you’re not around.

If this happens, where can you start to find the solution?

The first thing you can do is check with your neighbors. It’s a rare occurrence, but it’s a possibility that the family next door has set their garage door opener to the same wireless code as you. Simply check by asking your neighbor to activate their door and see if yours follows suit. If this appears to be the cause of the problem, all you’ll need to do is set your opener to a new code. If you’re unsure how, your opener comes with instructions that will assist you.

The next thing you can do if your neighbors are not the culprit is to check the control wiring. Any bare spots or short circuit in the small gauge wire will cause the door to have a mind of its own. The bare spot only needs to brush up against the metal track and the electrical impulse causes the door to activate all on its own.

If your wires are in good shape, check the control button which is located near the side entry door. If the button is dirty or old, it may be sticking which can cause the door to be in constant motion. You may also have loose wire connections occurring inside the button itself which can cause the door to activate with electrical impulses.

Lastly, you can check for circuit board issues. When the door descends on command but immediately comes up again, you are either experience issues with the sensor eyes or with the binding wheels. However, when the door decides to close all on its own, the problem may centralize in the logic board or inside the motor unit. If this seems to be the case, it may be time to call the professionals in.

At this point, it may be the more cost efficient solution to simply replace your door opener all together rather than attempting to repair what’s already there. Give us a call at All Right Garage Door and we can diagnose your problem and help you upgrade to a new system if necessary.