What Garage Door Style is Right for Me?

One of the biggest questions when shopping for a new garage door in Mission Viejo is style. It may not seem like an important factor to consider, but having a garage door that complements your home’s design is incredibly important to maintaining your property value and boosting curb appeal. If you need new garage door installation in Orange County, you’ll want to consider these different options.

Traditional/Raised Panel Garage Doors

When you visualize a garage door, this is probably what comes to mind. Traditional or raised panel garage doors consist of a series of vertically-stacked rows of panels. During opening and closing, these panels roll up or down from a set of racks that suspend the door from the ceiling. Despite being so commonplace, traditional garage doors still have numerous customization options such as color and patterns on the front of the door. Most are made from durable materials such as steel and will often include window inserts. Stylistically, traditional garage doors will pair well with the vast majority of American homes. Their ubiquitous nature also makes it easier for garage door service providers to fix them and find replacement parts.

Contemporary Garage Doors

If your home has a more modern aesthetic, you may be best served by a contemporary garage door. Contemporary garage doors often use unconventional materials such as frosted glass, copper, aluminum, or wood composite to create a more modern look. Additionally, contemporary doors often eliminate windows entirely to have a more minimalistic aesthetic or integrate them more heavily to make a very eye-catching statement. The alternative materials contemporary doors use may have different maintenance requirements, however, so be sure to consult with your garage door service provider before installation.

Carriage-Style Doors

Carriage-style garage doors are meant to evoke the look and feel of barns and carriage-houses from the 1800s. They feature faux-hinges on their sides and handles in the center, along with windows along the top section similar to traditional garage doors. Most carriage-style doors swing up and overhead similarly to normal garage doors, but some older models open to the sides like actual carriage-house doors. If your home has a more traditional feel to it or actually dates back to that period, a new carriage-style garage door can be the perfect addition.

Of course, after you’ve chosen a new door that matches your home’s style, you’ll need a trustworthy garage door service to install and maintain it. All Right Garage Doors performs garage door installation throughout Orange County, and our five-star rating on Yelp proves we’re one of the trusted sources for repairing garage doors in Mission Viejo. If you ever need emergency garage door repairs, our 24/7 emergency service can have your issues fixed as quickly as possible. Give us a call today at (714) 726-2225, and we can give you a free estimate for the cost of installing your new garage door.