Time for a Garage Updo?

Do you ever drive by your neighbor’s home and think about how ugly their garage door is and how they desperately need an update? Or maybe you are that neighbor and haven’t really thought about the benefits of updating your garage door yet. Either way, updating a garage door is more than just cosmetic; it will also increase home-value and security.

#1: Your Curb Appeal

Generally speaking, no one is impressed by the average garage door. Why? Because it’s average. However, people do judge the ugly ones, whether that is a conscious or subconscious thought. For most people, the garage is one of the first things that everybody sees when looking at a house. Replacing your garage door will change the look of your home and it’ll give your home a fresher look than just a paint-job.

#2: Your Extended Living Space

Newer garage doors are highly insulated and well sealed. Meaning the temperature in your garage won’t be as affected by the weather outside and any heat/cooling going into your garage won’t escape easily. If you don’t park your car in the garage then you can comfortably use your garage as an extra living space for office space, play area, workshop or whatever else you might need.

#3: Your Security

New garage doors are updated with the latest security technology, meaning burglars are going to have a harder time breaking in through your garage. Anything you store inside your garage and your home is going to be much safer than before! These garages are durable and won’t open unless prompted by the remote clicker or the keypad.

#4: Your Home-Value

This is directly related to your curb appeal and security. If you’re thinking of selling your home, buyers are going to be more inclined to give you a higher offer based off of their first impressions of the house. Additionally, buyers are going to have a sense of security knowing a big access point to your home is safe and secure. Updating your garage helps ensure that every part of your home is lovable and beautiful.

#5: Your Safety

In case you didn’t know, here at All Right Garage Doors, your safety is our TOP priority. The risk of personal injuries or any other mishaps due to garage doors will be decreased due to your new garage’s safety features.

Even if your garage door is working just fine, it’s never a bad idea to consider replacing it with a newer model and system. We’d love to work with you and help you improve your home. Contact us for a free estimate!