The Most Popular Garage Door Manufacturers

When choosing to buy a new garage door for your Costa Mesa home, the two greatest concerns are aesthetics and reliability. A good-looking garage door will enhance your home’s curb appeal and boost its property value, enabling you to get a better price if and when you do decide to sell your home. At the same time, however, you want to make sure that your door can be trusted in day-to-day operations and that it won’t break down on you at random. As a garage door repair and installation service provider for Orange County, we’re familiar with a wide range of doors from the top manufacturers in North America. In this blog, we’ll list some of the most popular garage door manufacturers that you might choose from when you’re considering a new door.

Amarr Garage Doors

Founded in 1951, Amarr operates over 80 door centers across North America and produces garage doors for residential, commercial, and industrial installations. Along with conventional styles of garage doors, Amarr produces specialty garage doors made almost entirely of glass that can add a unique flair to your home. They also manufacture their own series of Wi-Fi-based garage door openers capable of synchronizing with iOS and Android devices.

C.H.I Overhead Doors

C.H.I. has been producing garage doors for almost 40 years in steel, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. Design options such as carriage, raised panel, and recessed are all available from C.H.I., and many feature unconventional window arrangements. These arrangments, such as having windows running vertically down one side rather than horizontally across the top, help add a unique sense of personality to a home. C.H.I. also features DoorVisions, a design tool that lets customers craft their own unique garage door from a wide range of styles, colors, and window arrangements. 


Producing garage doors since 1964, Clopay is currently the largest garage door manufacturer in North America. All of Clopay’s doors are built-to-order, meaning that they are only made when a confirmed order is received. This helps ensure that the customer gets exactly what they want, rather than forcing them to settle on a preset option. Clopay offers doors in raised panel, contemporary, and carriage designs made from aluminum, wood, and composite materials. 


Starting with one-piece overhead garage doors in 1936, Martin emphasizes safety and reliability in its products. Martin’s doors are painted in multiple baked-on layers of enamel to safeguard against corrosion and feature numerous features like safety joints to protect homeowners. In addition to the typical steel and aluminum, Martin’s Elite line features copper garage doors, which naturally develop a patina as they age. The green coloration these doors gain over the years is fully intended and doesn’t require a garage door repair service to fix. 


Raynor garage doors are popular both in the United States and internationally. With garage doors for both residential and commercial purposes, Raynor also offers special resources for architects, which you may find useful if you’re in the process of designing and building your own home. These resources also make garage door installation for Orange County homes much easier. Raynor uses a unique OptiFinish process that paints sections of the garage door after they have been built and gives owners a selection of over 1,800 different colors to choose from.

No matter what manufacturer you ultimately choose, you can trust All Right Garage Doors with your Costa Mesa home’s garage door repair and installation needs. We’re the premier provider for garage door installation in Orange County, and we make integrity and customer satisfaction the top priority for every installation and repair we perform. If you need an emergency garage door repair, our 24-hour emergency service is available to you at any moment. If you’d like to learn more about the manufacturers we support or receive a free estimate on repairs, give us a call at (714) 726-2225.