The Garage Door Repair Process If You Have an HOA

If you live in Irvine or the surrounding Orange County area, it’s highly likely that your home is part of a homeowner’s association. An HOA is a community organization that makes and enforces rules for the properties in their jurisdiction and its residents in order to keep the neighborhood looking beautiful and ensuring that property values stay high. These restrictions are for the overall benefit of the community, but they can sometimes become a nuisance due to the paperwork and guidelines that need to be followed in the case of any home renovation. If you need garage door repair or garage door replacement but you have an HOA, follow these steps to ensure that the repair process goes as smoothly as possible.

Closely Follow HOA Guidelines

The best way to ensure that your garage door installation goes smoothly is to thoroughly assess all HOA guidelines beforehand. HOA rules must be distributed to homeowners annually, so be sure to check your up-to-date copy for any guidelines surrounding garage door style or repair. Your HOA will most likely regulate what style of garage door you’re allowed to install in your home. They may also have rules dictating what condition your garage must be kept in, from cosmetic damage to ventilation. Knowing these rules before you pick out your garage door and have it installed will save you time and money versus finding out later that you’ll need to choose a new option. 

Check with Your Neighbors

Although HOAs are regularly thought of as an entity separate from the homes in the neighborhood, a homeowner’s association is, as the name implies, made up of homeowners. Your own community members are the ones creating and enforcing these rules, and they’re created with the happiness of the other community members in mind. Therefore, checking with your neighbors about your proposed garage door style or repairs is a proactive way to gauge how your HOA may react to the idea as well. HOA approvals tend to go through your closest neighbors first, so seeing their reaction before you file the paperwork will give you an idea of whether going through the process will pay off.

Complete Your Application Thoroughly

In order to maximize your chances of HOA approval, complete the application as thoroughly as possible. Answer all questions and answer them all to the very best of your ability. Include a written estimate from a garage door repair service, product images, measurements, and any other relevant resources. Providing as much information as possible will show the HOA that you have a clear idea of what you’re doing and will prove to them that it’s not only necessary but beneficial. 

If you’re an Irvine homeowner within the jurisdiction of an HOA, your garage door repair process may be slightly different from the norm. Strict guidelines and proper procedures need to be followed in order to ensure that you are not in violation of any codes or rules. Knowing the full process in advance will help you avoid any hassle, saving you time and money in the long run. Here at All Right Garage Doors, we’re familiar with standard HOA guidelines and we can assist you in the process throughout. For more information about our Orange County garage door repair and replacement services, give us a call today at (714) 726-2225. We would be happy to schedule an appointment and provide you with a free estimate.