Spring Cleaning for your Garage Door

Now that spring has arrived, many homeowners are commencing spring cleaning to declutter their homes and make sure everything’s in good order. While spring cleaning can often extend to the contents of your garage, very rarely do you think to take care of your garage door itself. Yearly garage door service and maintenance can extend the life of your door and make sure it never becomes a safety hazard for your family. To keep everything working smoothly, here are some problems you should look for when spring cleaning your garage this year.

Garage door track

In order for your garage door to continue moving as it should, you need to make sure that your metal track is perfectly aligned and working properly at all times. Gaps and bends between the rollers or on the rails indicate that there’s a problem with your track, and a malfunctioning garage door may be soon to follow. Although the bends and gaps may look minor, they can be dangerous to repair due to the weight of the door. Instead of putting yourself at risk, call the professionals at All Right Garage Door. We have extensive experience serving garage door tracks throughout Irvine and the Orange County area.

Garage door remote

There are numerous simple solutions for a malfunctioning garage door remote, such as dead batteries or an item blocking the antenna. However, sometimes your transmitter may require reprogramming in order to set it back to its usual working status. If you’ve tried the obvious remedies and still have a malfunctioning remote or transmitter, allow All Right Garage Door to source the problem and find a solution in no time.

Garage door motor and chain

Over time, your garage door chain may become loose and require tightening. Tightening up the slack on your belt or chain will help your garage door open and close more efficiently and more quietly. There are also numerous technical reasons why the motor itself may stop working and cause your door to fail. Call an expert at All Right Garage Door to help you find the source of your problem and repair it without hassle.

Garage door cables and springs

The cables and springs in your garage door are responsible for lifting and closing it in a controlled way. With broken or malfunctioning springs, your garage door could become a major hazard to your household, as the full weight of the door could come down quickly. If there is a visible split in your spring, if it’s become elongated or stretched out, or if your door is opening differently than before, you may need to have your torsion springs replaced. Call us at All Right Garage Door for an assessment and repair.

If you’re ready to get your garage door in peak condition and wrap up your spring cleaning, call All Right Garage Door today to schedule an inspection or maintenance service. We always provide Irvine residents with high-quality repairs and unbeatable customer service to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with our services every time. To get started with a free estimate today, call (714) 726-2225 and learn more.