Garage Door Cables & Springs

Open and close safely!

Garage door cables work alongside the springs to lift the door when you go in and out. If one is not functioning, the other will likely stop working as well. Garage door springs can only be used a certain amount of open and close cycles because they do the heavy lifting, and over time they break and will need replacing. Usually the tension springs break first, followed by the cables. If these break, you will notice your garage door closing really fast. When this occurs, do not park your car in the garage as the heavy garage door can crush anything below.

When you open the garage door, the springs unwind and the tension lifts the door as it turns the shaft. This, in turn, turns the cable drums and wraps the cables around the grooves. When you lower the door, the cables will then unwind and the springs will become unwound, restoring their full tension. Because of their dynamic and dependant nature, it is important that both are working perfectly. If you are experiencing problems with your garage door cables and springs, call us here at All Right Garage Doors.