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Residents all over Orange County have experienced an issue involving their garage doors. There are many reasons why a garage door may stop working. Some are as simple as something blocking the sensor, to something more serious like cables or springs needing replacement. Here are the top reasons why your garage door may not be working in Orange County:

Garage door track:

When a garage door track is out of alignment, this can cause some serious problems. It is important for the metal track your garage door to be perfectly aligned for your garage door to move. Gaps and bends between the rollers or on the rails indicate you have a problem. Do not try to fix an alignment problem yourself-this is dangerous! A garage door service professional in Orange County will have the proper tools and knowledge to correct the problem for you.

Garage door remote/transmitter:

It may sound obvious, but sometimes the fix is just a new set of batteries for your garage door remote. As for your transmitter, it could be that you are too far away (try hitting the button when you are in the driveway) or that nothing is blocking the antenna inside the garage. If your garage door transmitter is still not working, it may need to be reprogrammed.

Garage door spring:

Garage door springs can only be used a certain amount of open and close cycles. The garage door springs is what does the heavy lifting and over time, they break and will need replacing. This is not a DIY project. It is very dangerous to change torsion springs if you don’t have experience.

Garage door cables:

The cables or tension springs are what helps a garage door open and close safely. Usually the tension springs break first, followed by the cables. If these break, you will notice your garage door closing really fast. Do not park your car in the garage as the heavy garage door can crush anything below. It is important to stay away from the garage door until all of the springs and cables are fixed by an Orange County professional.

Garage door motor:

There can be many reasons a motor may not be working and sometimes it isn’t the motor’s fault! The garage door could have been manually locked, which happens when power is lost. The disconnect switch could have been enabled, or the motor could have just stopped working.

No matter the issue, All Right Garage Doors can solve any garage door service you may need. All Right Garage Doors is a family owned business servicing many homes throughout Orange County. We service, repair, or replace all aspects of your garage door system! Contact us today for your free estimate and daily specials in Orange County!

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