How to Repair Your Garage Door’s Insulation and Weather Stripping

When the weather changes in Costa Mesa, you want to make sure that you are protecting your home from excessive heat or cold and making your home as comfortable and energy efficient as possible. One way to do so is by checking that the insulation and weather stripping around your garage door are doing their job effectively. Luckily, repairing or replacing both of these items is a relatively easy job that can be done at home. Here’s how to repair your garage door’s insulation and weather stripping.

How to repair your garage door’s weather stripping

If you can feel air blowing under your garage door or if you can see light coming through, your weather stripping may be damaged or worn down. In this case, it’s time to replace your weather stripping and make your home energy efficient again. Before you purchase your new weather stripping, measure the height, width, and thickness of your garage door. This will help you determine which weather stripping to purchase. The thickness of the weather stripping is the most critical factor to consider, as excess length can be trimmed off. To begin the replacement process, lift the garage door to about 6 feet high, or slightly higher than your head. Remove your old garage door seal by pulling it out through the gap behind the door track. Clean the area between the door sections, known as the retainer, with a rag and household cleaner. Once clean, install the new seal. To make the process easier, lubricate the rubber with a few drops of dish soap. Then, slowly maneuver the new bottom seal into the track. Use a utility knife to cut off any excess weather stripping at each end of the door, and then slowly lower the door back down to the ground. Double check to see if any air or light can be detected underneath your new garage door seal.

How to patch your garage door’s insulation panels

The most popular type of garage door insulation is the fiberglass panel. To repair a damaged fiberglass panel, begin by using a utility knife to cut out the damaged section from the insulation. Use a straight edge and sharp knife to make sure your cuts are as clean and straight as possible. Remove as much of the residual glue as possible to make the rebonding process easier. Measure the area you have just cut and use these measurements to cut a replacement panel. Place the new panel in the opening and trim any pieces as needed to ensure that it will fill the gap perfectly. Next, once you are sure that the panel is the correct size, liberally apply a glue or bonding agent to the back of the replacement panel and carefully insert it into the opening. Apply pressure for at least 5 minutes to ensure that the bond secures to the door. Use a piece of cardboard, wood, or another household item to maintain pressure on the new piece overnight. This will allow the bonding agent to cure to full strength completely. Once the glue has thoroughly dried, paint the panel as desired to cover the patch and blend it in with the rest of the insulation area. 

If the garage door for your Costa Mesa home requires more extensive repairs or replacement, or if you’re not comfortable performing repairs yourself, call a professional garage door repair service. Here at All Right Garage Doors, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured with experienced technicians that are fully qualified. We are a family owned and operated business that prides itself on our unbeatable customer service and high-quality repairs. For a free quote on garage door service, call us today at (714) 726-2225.