How to Prepare Your Garage Door for Summer

The colder months in Irvine can do damage to your home’s garage door. Frost and cold can cause problems that require garage door repair and maintenance services, even if your door appears to be working just fine. Before heading into summer, it’s a good idea to perform maintenance on your garage door to avoid any significant problems down the line. Here are five steps you can take to prepare your garage door for summer.

#1. Clean Your Garage Door

Your garage door is regularly exposed to the elements, and so it can quickly get dirty inside and out. Frequently wash both sides of your garage door to keep it beautiful and well-maintained. You can also add a thin layer of car wax to prevent dust build-up on the door. If your garage door is made out of steel, be sure to check both sides of it for rust. Any rust found can be sanded down and painted over with a zinc primer. 

#2. Check for Wear and Tear

Check the small parts of your door for signs of wear and tear, as these can lead to more significant problems if left unaddressed. Check your garage door cables to see if they look frayed or worn down. If so, it’s best to call a garage door repair service and ask them to replace the part. Replacing cables or most parts of a garage door yourself can be extremely dangerous due to the weight of the door. You should also check the hinges, ball-bearings, rods, supports, and other small details. Make sure that there is no damage and that nothing appears loose or out of place. Any problems spotted can be repaired for little cost by contacting a garage door repair service such as All Right Garage Doors.

#3. Check the Bolts & Springs

Check the bolts at the back of your garage door’s track to ensure that none of them are loose. Loose bolts are a crucial safety issue, as they could cause the door to fall and injure someone. You should also check that your garage door springs are free of rust and have not stretched or broken. If one of your springs needs to be replaced, call All Right Garage Door repair service. Replacing springs is a potentially hazardous task, so never try to do this yourself at home.

#4. Lubricate Moving Parts

To keep your garage door well-maintained and prevent any damage, lubricate all moving parts. The rollers, tracks, and hinges all require lubricant oil specifically made for garage door use in order to keep them operating correctly. You can also lubricate exterior weather-stripping with a silicone-based lubricant.

#5. Replace Weather-Stripping & Insulation

Regularly clean and replace any damaged weather-stripping and insulation along the sides of your garage door. These help keep the room dry and prevent outdoor air from coming inside and damaging the contents of your garage. It can also help control the temperature of your garage so it won’t overheat in the summer or be freezing cold in the winter. 

If you’ve performed the recommended maintenance checks and have noticed faults with your garage door, it may need more extensive repair or replacement. If your Irvine home needs a new, improved garage door or garage door repair, give All Right Garage Doors a call at (714) 726-2225. We service, repair, or replace all aspects of your garage door system and provide a 24-hour emergency service. Call us any time to speak to an expert and receive a free estimate.