Easy Garage Door Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s that time of year again: spring cleaning season. When spring rolls around, many Costa Mesa homeowners begin organizing their kitchens, decluttering their offices, and deep cleaning every surface. However, one room of the house that often gets overlooked is the garage. And even more than the garage itself, the garage door likely never gets the TLC that the rest of your home does. Make that change this year by following these simple garage door spring cleaning tips that will help your home look its best and prevent you from needing garage door repairs down the line.

Deep Clean Your Garage Door

Your garage door is exposed to the elements 365 days a year, so it will inevitably get dirty over time. In order to keep your garage door in good condition, it’s recommended that you deep clean it seasonally by washing and waxing it. It’s fairly quick and easy to wash your garage door; simply use a scrub brush and a mild soap. Car wash works well, but dish soap can also be used for cleaning your garage door. If you have a metal or fiberglass garage door, you can also use a powerwasher to get a sparkling clean. However, powerwashers aren’t recommended for wooden garage doors as they can damage softer types of wood. After washing, you can also add a thin layer of car wax to prevent future dust build-up. 

Repaint or Refinish

Garage doors in Costa Mesa will need to be repainted or refinished every few years in order to maintain their appearance. Extreme weather, sunlight, sudden temperature changes, external damage, and other factors can all cause your paint to chip or your finish to fade. While performing spring cleaning, inspect your garage door and decide whether or not this year would be a good time to repaint your garage door. If it’s been a few years since your garage door installation or since you last refinished it, it’s likely time to break out the paint brushes.

Perform Seasonal Maintenance

There’s no better time than spring cleaning to perform your basic seasonal garage door maintenance. Maintenance is crucial because it prevents you from needing more extensive garage door repairs down the line. Each season, check your bolts to make sure they’re all fully tightened and ensure that none of your springs need to be replaced. No part of your garage door should look rusted or noticeably loose. Make sure that you lubricate all moving parts, including rollers, tracks, and hinges. Clean or replace your weather-stripping and insulation as well, if needed. Taking these steps can help you keep your door operational for as long as possible. If you’re not sure how to perform these maintenance steps or cannot perform them yourself, call a trusted expert in garage door repair for Orange County. 

Inspect for Damage & Call An Expert

No matter whether you choose to perform maintenance or not, it’s imperative that you inspect your garage door periodically for damage. Even if your garage door is currently operational, it may have worn-out or broken parts that put your door at risk for failure and put your family at risk for injury. Check all of your springs, cables, bolts, and tracks for signs of wear such as loosening, rusting, or excessive noise. If you notice anything that you fear may need repair or replacement, call the expert in garage doors for Costa Mesa, All Right Garage Door.

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