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4 Important Factors of Garage Door Safety

When operating optimally, garage doors safely facilitate the movement of homeowners in and out of their homes. However, when a garage door hasn’t been regularly maintained or is utilized incorrectly, it can cause harm and injury to those in the house. Some of these injuries can even be serious enough to lead to death. For […]

5 Tips for Installing a New Garage Door

At some point in time, homeowners will need to shop for a new garage door. Whether it’s because your current door is no longer functioning as it should or you’re just looking to make an upgrade, there are plenty of reasons to transition to a garage door that is more technologically advanced and attractive. For […]

7 Steps to Lubricate Your Garage Door

If you’ve been noticing that your garage door has become increasingly noisier when in use, this could signal a need for maintenance. Garage doors can become squeaky and loud when not properly maintained through greasing. An ungreased garage door isn’t just a noisy annoyance, it can also jeopardize the health and functionality of your garage […]

5 Ways to Diagnose Garage Door Issues on Your Own

Your garage door system is a complex structure with many moving pieces all working together. Because of this vastness and intricacy, there’s a lot that can go wrong with your garage door. Just one piece of malfunctioning equipment can bring a halt to your door’s operation and function. When this happens, it’s best to reach […]

4 Reasons Why Your Garage Doors Come Off Track

A garage door coming off track is a problem that undoubtedly many homeowners have faced. It’s a problem that if left unaddressed or incorrectly repaired can evolve into something much more serious. But why does this issue happen and is there anything that can be done to address it? The first step toward solving any […]