A Guide to Purchasing Your First Garage Door

Your garage door like most things around your house will at some point no longer be able to function. When this happens, no amount of repairs will be able to fix it and you will need to consider replacing your garage door. This can be an overwhelming experience particularly for those who have never had a chance to buy a garage door before. It can be difficult to know what exactly to look out for. If you have found yourself in this predicament, here’s a guide to purchasing your first garage door.

Consider the Materials Available

One of the first things to think about is the type of materials that will be used for your garage door. A common and affordable option is aluminum, however, it can be susceptible to damage and is seen as an ineffective insulator. Another option to consider is vinyl, which provides durability and is capable to withstand outdoor elements. It is a pricier choice though so you will need to weigh that in your decision. Like vinyl, steel is a sturdy and tough material that can be utilized for your garage door. While it will help secure your home, it can corrode over time because of wet weather conditions. Ultimately, there are many materials to choose from that each has its own strengths and weaknesses. For more information about your options, consider reading our blog about the best garage door material.

Insulation Options

Another choice that you’ll encounter is whether or not to insulate your garage door. Although it isn’t a requirement for your garage door to be insulated, it is recommended that you do so. An insulated garage door will ensure a more comfortable and secure experience in your garage and home. It can also allow for your home to become more energy efficient by helping maintain a consistent temperature for your garage and all of the rooms in your home that are connected to it.

What Type of Door

A roll-up garage door is what the majority of homes come equipped with. Most homeowners are satisfied with these types of doors. However, if the traditional garage door aesthetic doesn’t appeal to you, there are other options to choose from. There are swing-out garage doors that feature two doors that open out outwardly as a patio door would. It makes for a unique visual, but you’ll always need to ensure that the area in front of your garage is clear. Another option is slide-up doors which as the name indicates slide straight up. It should be noted though that not all homes will be able to accommodate this type of setup. Lastly, you can also select a swing-up garage door. These garage doors come from a 90-degree angle and then slide against the ceiling of the garage.

A garage door is an integral part of a home. That’s why to ensure a well-functioning and high-quality garage door, you’ll need to get in touch with the garage door repair and installation experts at All Right Garage Doors. We are able to address all of your garage door needs and have routinely proven that we can provide Orange County and Mission Viejo homeowners with an impeccable client experience that features both friendly customer service and first-class garage door repair services that are unrivaled in quality. To learn more about what All Right Garage can do for you, call us at (714) 726-2225 or contact us online.