A Guide to Garage Door Windows

There’s much that goes into an appealing dependable garage door. Homeowners want a garage door that not only provides security but also enhances the aesthetic of their home. Part of a stylish garage door is its windows. Garage door windows can accentuate certain qualities and looks that homeowners are seeking to accomplish. Before you go ahead and make any decisions, here’s a guide to garage door windows to make your next choice an informed one.

Benefits of Garage Door Windows

Improve your Home’s Aesthetic

Well-designed garage door windows can help improve the aesthetic of any home. Finding a garage door window that is stylistically complementary to a home can make for a pleasing look. From square to arched style windows, homeowners can get creative with their approach to make for truly engaging imagery.

Let There Be Light

Garage door windows also help keep temperatures inside homes stable allowing for proper insulation and increased efficiency resulting in less expensive energy bills. 

Safe and Secure

Garage door windows can help contribute to a home’s safety. Certain glass windows can impede anyone looking to have a glance inside of your garage. Meanwhile, durable garage door windows that have been laminated and tempered will help prevent possible break-ins. 

Terms You Should Know

Garage Door Window Inserts– Window inserts divide larger glass panes into smaller areas of glass.

Garage Door Lites– Garage door lites are the smaller areas of glass that are part of a larger glass window pane that has been divided by window inserts.

True Divided Lite (TDL) Windows– TDL windows are composed of separate frames of glass each with their own structure. If a glass frame breaks, only the broken lite will need to be replaced. This is a higher cost option for customers because of the amount of glass required. 

Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) Windows– A large single glass plane with window inserts that divides the glass pane into smaller lites making it appear as though they are True Divided Lites. The entire window glass would need to be replaced if anything is broken.

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