5 Ways to Minimize Bugs and Pests Entering Your Garage Door

While the garage is a practical and versatile area for vehicles, item storage, and additional workspace, it can also be a home for bugs and pests crawling around your property. No matter where you live in Orange County, finding these critters in your garage can be uncomfortable and unprecedented to witness. During the hot summer or cold winter seasons, bugs and pests look to your garage for shelter so they can keep themselves protected from the harsh elements.

As a homeowner, you’ve probably encountered all kinds of bugs and critters crawling around your property. Whether it’s flies, spiders, mice, or all other types of pests, it’s important to dispose of them quickly and take necessary precautions to prevent them from returning back to your household. You can minimize bugs and pests from getting into your garage with these solutions:

Remove Existing Critters

Inspect your garage and take note of signs of any bug or pest infestations. Incorporating preventive measures throughout your household area won’t do much good if there’s already a nesting ground in the area. Once you’ve found signs of these infestations, be sure to call a pest control company to remove any bugs or pests.

Clean Out Your Garage

Once all the insects and pests have been removed, clean out your garage by sweeping the floors for any leftover residue left behind, remove any debris, and replace boxes with plastic storage containers. Make sure to store containers and other items on shelvings to eradicate any form of nesting opportunities. Then, remove any open food containers and place them in airtight containers to prevent bugs or pests from getting attracted to it. Finally, look for any source of moisture in your garage. It is important to dry any standing liquids since it can attract bugs and pests to entering your garage.

Inspect for Cracks

Prevent bugs or pests from entering your garage by checking for cracks within the foundation, walls, and ceilings as well as gaps coming from your garage door(s). If there’s any sign of damage to your garage door, contact All Right Garage Doors for any of our garage door repair services to inspect the type of damage associated with the cracks and get a free quote.

Lay Traps

You may still encounter some types of insects or pests in your garage. Try getting rid of them by setting up traps around the entrances to the garage and spray pesticides around the garage doors, windows, and the surrounding foundations.

Check the Garage Door

Make sure to inspect your garage door and look for any damages that can invite bugs and pests. If you see signs of cracks in your garage door windows, contact All Right Garage doors for a quote on garage door window replacements; the same can be said for any garage door repairs that need attention. However, if your garage door is in any state of irreparable damage, it would be recommended to get a new garage door installation.

If you’re battling an ongoing pest infestation in your garage, trust the experts at All Right Garage Doors to inspect your garage door systems and develop a plan to get your household pest-free. With our services associated with Mission Viejo, Costa Mesa, Irvine, or anywhere in the greater Orange County area, our team will assess your garage door for signs of repair, replacement, or future installation. Call us today at (714) 726- 2225 to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals or use our 24/7 emergency services to repair your garage door any time of the day or night.