5 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Motor Keeps Running

If you’re a homeowner who begins to notice that your garage door motor is running but the door itself won’t open, there are several possible reasons as to why this is occurring. Here are five reasons why your garage door motor is continuing to run.

Your Trolley is Disengaged

One possible explanation as to why your garage door opener runs but the door itself does not operate is that the trolley has been disengaged. It can become disengaged when the piece of rope that hangs from the trolley and acts as a manual disconnect is pulled on. This usually happens when someone wants to manually open or close their garage door. To re-engage your trolley, simply read the instruction manual of your garage door and follow the listed directions.

The Door is Stuck

The true culprit of your issues could lie with your garage door itself. To help test this assumption, you’ll need to disengage your trolley by pulling on the emergency release cord. You can then open and close your garage door manually and inspect why your garage door is stuck. This could be because of a malfunctioning garage door roller or there could be simply something blocking your garage door from operating. 

A Broken Spring 

With how often we use our garage door, it should come as no surprise that different pieces of equipment will inevitably break. Garage door springs are no exception and when they do break, you won’t be able to open your garage door. If you do have a broken garage spring, note that it is recommended that you have a technician handle it. Doing so yourself is dangerous and something you should avoid.

Your Garage Door and Opener are Incompatible

Your garage door and opener may be incompatible with one another. This can occur when you’ve replaced one or both of them without checking to see if they fit together. This can be avoided if you allow professionals like All Right Garage Doors to handle your garage door installation needs instead. 

You Have a Worn Gear

For those with a chain drive garage door opener, your door may stop functioning if you have a worn gear. A worn gear will prevent both the chain from working and the garage door from moving despite the motor running. When this occurs, contact an expert technician to come and see what is particularly wrong with your garage door system.

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