5 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Louder Than Usual

No one wants to start their morning commute with having to listen to their garage door grinding, shrieking, and rattling as it opens to let them out. This noise can be a nuisance not only for those using the garage door, but also for neighbors and those inside the house. If your garage door is making an unusual amount of noise, there are five likely reasons why this is the case.

First, the nuts and bolts might have started to come loose. Loose fasteners allow parts to rattle and shake as they move, which not only creates a lot of noise but can also eventually damage the components of your garage door. Fortunately, tightening nuts and bolts with a wrench is something anyone can do. However, when you are tightening fasteners, make sure to not tighten them too far as this can strip the threading from them and make it impossible to loosen them.

Next, check your rollers. Rollers eventually wear out after consistent usage and begin to have trouble rolling up and down the track. If you do need to replace your rollers, consider using nylon variants. Nylon rollers are more expensive than metal, but they’re quieter during operation and don’t need as much lubrication as their metal counterparts. If you decide to replace the rollers yourself, do so one at a time and reference your owner’s manual. Otherwise, hire a local garage door repair service like All Right Garage Doors to do so for you.

Hinges are a component that don’t usually need to be replaced, but if the holes look more like ovals than circles, they probably should be. If they’ve been worn down to this point, they can cause the garage door to move unevenly, and result in loud noises. 

Lubrication is a critical part of operating any piece of machinery with metal moving parts. Occasionally take the time to grease up the rollers and tracks, which should let the garage door move smoothly and quietly. Metal rollers need to be lubricated every two months, while nylon rollers only require it every six months.

Lastly, a door’s springs can end up exerting too much tension or not provide enough to counter the door’s weight, causing it to be unbalanced. Both of these issues can put more strain on the opener and eventually lead to a snapped spring or cable. It may even cause the opener to fail prematurely. This can be indicated by the door seeming uneven when opening or closing, taking an unusually long time to open, outright failing to open, and/or making loud noises while opening. If there is an issue with your springs, you will want to leave the repairs to a trained garage door repair professional, as they can be dangerous to try handling yourself.

If you’re not sure what’s making your garage door so noisy, contact the professionals at All Right Garage Doors. We’re the premier garage door installation and repair service for Orange County, with consistent five-star reviews on Yelp. Give us a call today at 714-726-2225 for a free repair estimate.