5 Holiday Decoration Tips for Your Garage Door

The holidays are just around the corner, and homes all over Costa Mesa have gotten into the Christmas spirit with festive decorations that light up the neighborhood. Exterior decorations are often the most important because it’s the part of your home that everyone sees. Decorating your home for the holidays is often considered a fun outlet that allows you to express your creativity and festive spirit to all of the neighbors. Whether you choose to keep it minimal or go all-out with your Christmas decor, there are several ways to decorate your garage door that will help enhance your home’s holiday spirit and add charm to your dwelling.

Surround It With Christmas Lights 

Perhaps the most traditional and classic way to decorate your garage door at Christmastime is to hang lights around it. Hanging lights around your home’s trim is one of the most common ways to decorate for the holidays, and for good reason. This simple tactic lights up any home with a warm glow and adds holiday spirit and charm. In addition to hanging lights over the top of your garage, try adding lights, and even garland, around the entire border of your garage. Accenting it in this way will help your home stand out in a way that is still understated and beautiful.

Wrap It Up with a Bow

Another popular way to decorate your garage door for the holidays is to wrap it up in a bow. Adding a ribbon and bow to the front of your garage is a fun and playful way to add Christmas cheer to your home’s exterior by making your garage door look like a Christmas present. It’s also a quick, easy, and inexpensive option compared to any light display. 

Project Holiday Scenes

If you want to avoid placing any objects on your garage door that may hinder its function, projecting a light display onto your garage door at night is a festive and functional solution. Many homeowners place a small projector in the yard that faces the garage and projects a joyful holiday scene for everyone to enjoy. One major benefit of this decoration is its versatility; you can change the scene playing on the projector every night or every hour! Choose from Santa’s sleigh, snow falling, reindeer flying, and endless other options. It’s a dynamic and cheerful scene that you and all of your neighbors can enjoy every evening after nightfall. 

Make It A Snowman

Similarly to wrapping up your garage door in a bow, you can also turn it into a snowman! Here in Costa Mesa, there’s no real snowfall or snowmen to be found. Allow your kids (or adults!) to build a snowman by decorating your garage door with felt pieces that replicate his hat, scarf, eyes, nose, and mouth. This is another inexpensive option that will get the whole family involved. It’s also a unique decoration idea that is sure to charm all the neighbors and have them replicating your idea for many Christmastimes to come! 

Hang a Wreath

For those who follow the adage “less is more”, hanging a simple wreath on your garage door will add a subtle touch of festive spirit. Decorate your wreath with glitter, holly, lights, ribbons, and more to create a stunning showpiece that adds understated elegance to your minimal holiday decor. 

From festive holiday decorations to simple car storage, your garage is a central part of your home. Keeping it in good condition will enhance not just your garage door’s function, but the function and appearance of your home overall. Whether you’re seeking routine garage door maintenance or emergency repairs, All Right Garage Door can help any Costa Mesa resident. To find out more about our services or schedule a free estimate, give us a call today at (714) 726-2225.