4 Reasons Why Your Garage Doors Come Off Track

A garage door coming off track is a problem that undoubtedly many homeowners have faced. It’s a problem that if left unaddressed or incorrectly repaired can evolve into something much more serious. But why does this issue happen and is there anything that can be done to address it? The first step toward solving any problem is understanding how it may have occurred. Here are four reasons why garage doors come off track.

Malfunctioning or Waning Equipment

Malfunctioning or below-standard equipment is often the reason why garage doors come off track in the first place. From bad rollers and bearings to broken springs, any equipment that is not operating at full capacity can disrupt your garage door’s operations. This is because each piece plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your garage door is functioning as it should. When one piece of equipment begins to malfunction, don’t delay in getting help, or else your garage door could be the next thing to stop working. 

Heavy Impact

When your garage door is involved in a high-impact incident such as a collision with your vehicle, it can suffer damage and come off track. While simply pushing the roller back into the tracks may seem like the most convenient option, you could risk worsening the situation or hurting yourself unless you have extensive repair knowledge and experience. That’s why you should leave issues like this in the hands of garage door repair professionals who are trained to provide a fix for your door safely and efficiently.

Obstructed or Misaligned Track

An obstructed or misaligned track could be why your garage door is going off. Be on the lookout for any items that may have fallen into the track as it could be what is causing the obstruction. Meanwhile, a misalignment often is the result of the horizontal tracks’ bolts getting loose and causing the bracket to wobble at the slightest vibrations of the garage door.

Damaged Garage Door

Damage to a garage door particularly with a panel can be why your door goes off track. While it may feel tempting to chalk this up as a minor issue that can be put off to a later date, it’s best to address the problem as soon as possible to avoid any long-term costly damage. Upon first noticing damage to a panel, you should reach out to an expert who can inform you of your options. 

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