3 Signs Your Garage Door Might Be A Hazard

For most, garage doors opening and closing are often not considered a safety hazard for themselves or their families. The truth is, your garage door can be fully operational, and yet still be a hazard. The most obvious way to know if your garage door needs maintenance or servicing is if it’s abnormally noisy. Unfortunately, that’s not the only symptom of an unsafe garage door.

Your garage door is probably the biggest moving object in your home, and it’s crucial for it to work as intended at all times. If you haven’t been doing some of our recommended quick garage maintenance steps, here are a few signs your garage door might be a safety hazard and requires service as soon as possible.

Outdated Garage Door Opening System

Technology has advanced tremendously over the last decade, meaning the older your garage door system is, the more unsafe it is. Newer systems are implemented with the latest safety technology, including an automatic reversal function and rolling code technology. Sensors that trigger automatic reversal will detect movement underneath the garage door as it’s closing and reverse back open. Rolling codes will reset the garage door code each time you use it, preventing burglars from using hacking into your garage with code grabbers. If your garage system was installed before 1993, we strongly recommend installing a new garage door opening system.

Neglected Maintenance

A few things that you can do yourself to keep your garage door working properly is to tighten nuts and bolts, spray lubricant on the metal parts, and check the balance of the garage. Doing a quick maintenance check consistently will ensure the safety and lifespan of your garage door.

Worn Out Garage Door Springs

While doing your maintenance check, pay extra attention to the garage door springs. Any rust, corrosion, or gaps in the springs are strong indicators that you should have them replaced by a professional as soon as possible. The springs are constantly under a lot of tension and can snap under strenuous wear and tear. Typically, the lifespan of garage door springs is seven years. Replacing your own garage door springs is unsafe and we’d highly recommend calling in a professional.

Here at All Right Garage Doors, we service, repair, or replace all aspect of your garage door system. If you need to install a new garage door opening system, springs replacement, or general maintenance, give us a call today for a free estimate at (714) 726-2225.