3 Important Garage Door Security Tips

Attached garages are the norm in Costa Mesa, meaning that the garage will lead directly into your home. Because of this, it’s crucial that you take precautions to enhance the security of your garage doors. Broken or poorly maintained garage doors in Costa Mesa can be the cause of break-ins and theft, so we recommend following these three security tips for securing your garage doors and the rest of your Costa Mesa home.

Keep Your Garage Door Remote Inside 

The vast majority of us will keep our garage door transmitters inside our vehicle at all times. With attached visor clips as the norm, it becomes easiest just to leave it on your sun visor for easy access as you pull up to your home. However, this means that anyone who gains access to your car also gains access to your home. This is a potential danger wherever you park, but it’s especially prevalent for those who park outside of their garage at night. In order to ensure that no one can steal your transmitter and gain access to your home, take your garage door remote inside your house with you rather than leaving it in your vehicle.

Install Frosted Glass Windows

Thieves are often looking for homes that present the best opportunity and the easiest access. If your garage doors have windows, this allows others to look inside and assess the layout of your garage. They can see what vehicles and items your garage contains as well as gauge what security measures you have and where your entry door is. Installing frosted glass windows is a great alternative for garage doors, as it allows natural light into your garage while deterring potential thieves. If they can’t see the possessions inside your garage, they’re less likely to be tempted to steal anything.

Install Motion Detector Lights

Installing motion detector lights above your garage doors is another great way to ward off anyone looking to break in. Thieves want to get in and out without being noticed, so shining a spotlight on them is likely to scare them away and therefore thwart any potential robbery.

If you want to improve the security of your Costa Mesa home, the first place to start is your garage door. Garage doors are a major entry point of every home, so taking steps to secure yours will help you and your family remain safe and have peace of mind. To find out more about available options, call All Right Garage Doors at (714) 726-2225. We’re the top choice for the repair and installation of garage doors in Costa Mesa.